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Nordic Bulk Solutions has an important mission. We aim to deliver food safety and sustainability to retailers and consumers of dried bulk food globally. Therefore, we have developed a unique and hygienic dispenser system.

The uniqueness of our solution is that the food packaging units are filled by the manufacturer and not at store level. Thereby, can consumers be completely certain of the manufacturing location and expiry date of the product. Providing misinformation about products is not possible as the solution ensures traceability and transparency.

Our dispenser solution is a two-part closed-cycle system that eliminates direct contact with food. It eliminates the risk of both cross contamination among food items and bacteria from hands or spoons. Our aesthetic and hygienic solution will attract brand new consumers to buy Pick & Mix.

Both manufacturers and retailers will benefit from our solution as our displays, ideal content size, and traceability bring in more revenue, while reducing handling costs.

The benefits you will achieve:

Time for a new solution

Nordic Bulk Solutions has extensive knowledge of bulk food market gained through research and dialogs at all levels, and redused it is time for renewal. Profit margins are lowered, and product quality has fallen as dishonesty and poor hygiene conditions are flourishing. Nobody benefits from the current situation.

Consumers demand higher quality and hygienic solutions. The authorities’ requirements for food safety and traceability have increased. Supermarkets want to increase sales while providing consumers with quality products. Manufacturers want to deliver quality, generate higher profits, improve their brand image, maximize sustainability, and reduce operating costs.

All of these elements have been taken into account in the development of our innovative and sustainable dispenser solution.

Major players in the global food industry have already begun efforts to deliver directly to retail trade instead of intermediaries.

Nordic Bulk Solutions will increase quality for the good of the consumers.

An innovative two-part dispenser solution

Our dispenser solution can handle all types of dried bulk food, such as confectionery, coffee beans, nuts, dried fruit and pasta.

The dispenser itself comes in two standard models: free flow or portion controlled. Both are operated in a very simple and straight-forward manner – the consumer needs only to pull the handle. With a portion controlled solution, the amount can be adjusted down to 3 grams per handle pull.

Our dispensers work exclusively with our disposable packaging units. These packaging units are filled, sealed and labelled with expiration a date at manufacturer’s production facility and delivered directly to the retailer. Once a packaging unit is empty, it is swiftly replaced with a new one. This reduces time on operating the dispenser system.

Our two-part dispenser solution is approved for food usage plus all its essential parts are produced out of BPA-free plastic. In addition, being recyclable materials.

The disposable packaging can hold 5.75 litres of food items.


Our display is designed to increase sales and can accommodate 7-21 dispensers divided into 1-3 rows. The packaging unit are placed on an angle, which ensures that they are emptied completely upon usage.

Shelves can be added to the display if one or more rows are not in use. The display has an integrated removable drawer, with a spilltray, storage for replacement units, and empty packaging units, etc.

The display has the following dimensions in cm:
92 x 183 x 56

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